The colors used to weave Crayfish was inspired by the Chickasaw creation story. Crayfish dives into the water and brings up the mud to make the earth. The shawl pin depicts wings and a wind symbol, representing how raven flew over the land and shaped the earth with his wings. Materials: 50% bison/50% muga silk yarn blend; wood; brass; acrylic resin. Techniques: Shawl is handwoven (no loom) using the interlinking sprang technique. Shawl pin was made by cutting out two different pieces of wood with a laser engraver, putting them together and coating them with acrylic resin. Crayfish is scheduled to be part of an exhibition in 2021. Anyone wishing to purchase Crayfish will agree to loaning it for the exhibition and will receive it after October 1, 2021.


Size: 60"x91"


SKU: 106
  • While this can be worn, it was created to be a work of art. It is not machine washable and should only be spot cleaned by hand.

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